I’m accepting prompt requests right now. 

Anything you want. You can send the first sentence, and I’ll finish it. You can send a pairing, and I’ll write a minific. You can send a request for a oneshot. It doesn’t matter! I just want to warm up a bit before I work on the next part of my Niam fanfiction.

I’ll write anything except male pregnancy. Being a science major, that is anatomically impossible and it kind of disturbs me. 

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If It’s Alright With You || Draco Malfoy + Neville Longbottom 

Alright. I’m going to first say this is me attempting to write smut while I’m drugged up on four different medications. It sucks. Also, this is my first go at Harry Potter fanfiction. I wrote it for my friend Matey because he has a habit of liking unpopular pairs like Draco and Neville. Contains: Slash smut. xoxo Tayo.


It was like the Gryffindor was purposely teasing him. The way he acted all innocent and naive with every movement, every step he took. It was like Neville didn’t know he was driving Draco absolutely mad with lust. It was like Neville was completely unaware of the wizard that desired him. 

Draco watched at Neville struggles to finish the potions exercises instead of eating his lunch. The edge of his tongue was barely poking out of the corner of his lips and he was hunched over the stack of books in frustration. To Draco, is was incredibly sexy. He was to nervous and panicky, that it had just made Draco was to steal his innocence right then and there. 

Draco turned away in disgust. He couldn’t be thinking this way. Not for a Gryffindor. Not for Neville Longbottom put of all people. Draco could just see the disappointment reading on his fathers face if he ever found out. Draco looked down at the women at his table, sure, they were gorgeous, but none of them got him going like Longbottom. 

He groaned slightly, laying his face down onto the table. He was having an internal dilemma. Draco wanted Neville more than anything right now. He wanted to take him and make him his, forever. No one else could love Neville like Draco could. 

Just before it was time for their next class, Draco decided that he was going to spend it with Neville. He was going to spend it with him in the Great Hall. Draco let the other students file out of the room, except for Neville. He gave his mates a laugh, and a shove toward the door before going to the Gryffindor table. 

Neville looked up, his eyes meeting Draco’s. “W-what do you want Malfoy?” He grumbled, shutting the piece of parchment in the book. He averting his gaze, hugging the book to his chest. Neville had always wanted one night with Draco. Just one. One that he could always remember. A night where Draco was his and he was Draco’s. But it didn’t seem like that’s what Draco was coming over to him for. 

Draco’s eyes flickered with amusement as they trailed along Neville’s body. He didn’t know why the boy wasn’t scooped up by some girl yet. He was decent looking; a lot better than a majority of the boys here. “What do I want?” He cooed, his hand reaching out, wrapping around the collar of Neville’s robes. “I want you.” Draco’s words came out rough, snarly even. Now that no one was around, Draco didn’t feel ashamed of his yearning for the boy. It was out in the open now. And Neville would be his, even if Neville didn’t necessarily like it. 

Neville swallowed, raising his hand to pry Draco’s hand away from his throat. “D-Draco…are you drunk?” He asked quietly. “Since when do you pay attention to me? You know, other than to insult me or laugh at me.” Neville dropped his hand from Draco’s, letting him pull him closer to the Slytherin. 

Draco’s eyes darkened. He didn’t like his motives being questioned. “Shut up Neville. You want it.” He whispered, beginning to pull the robes off Neville. “Now we have to do this quickly otherwise we’re both going to lose house points. I’m not going to lose house points, Neville. That wouldn’t be good.” Draco dropped the black fabric onto the floor. “Set your books down, Neville.” 

Neville complied, shakily setting his stack down on the table. “Draco…I…” Neville didn’t know what to say. He wanted this. But he was so scared. Draco was going to hurt him, in some way. After a few moments, he decided that it would be easier for him if he just complied with what Draco wanted. His robes were soon stacked on the floor, leaving him only in his undergarments. Neville’s chest flushed pink as he watched Draco look him up and down.

Draco wasn’t expecting that when Neville stood in front of him, practically naked. The boy wasn’t perfect in terms of his physical appearance. He wasn’t “hot”. He wasn’t “gorgeous”. He had a bit of a pudge on his stomach, and his usual pale flesh was stained like pink. Neville was cute. He was scared, and it was fucking adorable. Draco began to work on his own robes, the black and green fabric being tossed on top of the table. Now, Draco was the opposite of Neville. Sure, he had the same pale chest, but his was perfectly sculpted. 

Neville traced the outlines of Draco’s muscles with his eyes, his bottom jaw hanging open a bit. That’s what he was always hiding under the mounds of fabric. “Dr-Draco.” Just by looking at the dominant male, he could feel himself getting hard. 

A sly smirk played on Draco’s lips as he looked at Neville. His boxers fell to the ground and he beckoned Neville closer to him. “On your knees, Longbottom.” He whispered. “Now.” Draco didn’t wait for him to do as he asked, instead, shoving him down to the floor in front of him. “I hope I don’t have to explain this to you. That’d make me very unhappy.”

Neville swallowed the lump in his throat. Of course he knew what Draco wanted. He ran his tongue around the edge of his lips before glancing up at the Slytherin male. Neville’s lips wrapped around the tip of Draco’s member, his tongue swirling around it. He knew he was pleasing the male when he had felt his hand tangling in his hair, pulling it hard. 

Draco could hear a few mangled gags coming from Neville’s mouth. Yet he ignored it. He was doing this for him. So he could finally put the wonders to rest. Draco chuckled as he forced Neville’s head farther and farther down his shaft. He smirked down at Neville who was staring up at him intently. Moments later, Draco released Neville’s hair, causing Neville to pull his lips from Draco’s member with a soft “pop”. 

"Enough of that, Draco!" Neville muttered hoarsely, getting to his feet. He started down Draco, letting his own underwear hit the floor. "Are we going to get this done or not?" His words were hissed and angry. Draco was totally taking advantage of the boy, and that wasn’t okay with him. Neville had wanted to get a piece of the pleasure too, but standing up to him only made Malfoy angry. Draco reached out, wrapping a hand in Neville’s hair. In one swift movement, Draco was being him, Neville being bent over the large, wooden table. 

"Want to tell me how we’re doing things again?" He growled, yanking up on his hair. "That doesn’t make me happy, Neville." Draco slid one of his hands down the curve of Neville’s back, over his bottom, spreading his legs apart. "Not in the slightest. Now, I’m sorry if this hurts you, but you see, you’ve left me no other choice. You’re so urgent. I can’t prepare you like I had wanted." 

Neville could hear the anger in his voice, and it terrified him. Draco was about to tear him apart because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Even though he was terrified, he wanted Draco. He wanted Draco more than he wanted anything else. Neville swallowed the fear, pressing his bum up against Draco’s hips. “Well do it, mate.” 

Draco laughed softly, adjusting himself so he could enter the other male. “Of course. It’s my pleasure.” Draco pressed himself against Neville’s entrance, gently easing himself into the other male. He could feel Neville squirming under him, obviously in pain. “Neville, love, it’ll start feeling better soon. I promise.” Draco couldn’t help but feel bad for the kid. He knew how badly the first time hurt. 

It took everything inside Neville to not cry out in paid and push Draco away from him. His hands clutched the table, his face pressing into the wood as strangled cries fell off his lips. It hurt. It hurt so damn bad. “S-stop.” He whispered. “Let me get used to it. Let me get used to you.” 

Draco complied. He stopped for a few moments letting Neville get used to his length. After he got the go ahead from his partner, he slowly began to thrust inside him. He could hear a different kind of cry coming now. A cry of happiness, of pleasure leaving Neville’s baby pink lips.

Draco was right. It was so good. Neville knew that Draco knew what he was doing. He felt Draco’s tip connect with his prostate, earning a hoarse moan from Neville. “R-right there.” He hissed. Neville’s hips bucked up toward Draco’s, stifled moans floating out of his lips all the while. 

It was safe to say that Draco was extremely proud of himself. By the noises Neville was making, he was certain he was doing his job well. “Come for me, Neville.” He whispered, pressing a sloppy kiss to his neck. His thrusts had lost any rhythm they had, now becoming hard, swift jabs. Draco was close to his limit, but he wanted Neville to reach his first. 

Neville whimpered, nodding his head. Moments later, the table in front of him was covered in a mixture of both Neville and Draco’s fluids. Neville huffed leaning his forehead on his arms that were laying on the table. “Bloody hell, Malfoy.” He murmured, watching Draco pull his robes back on.  

Draco just gave Neville a grin. “Pick your pants up, Longbottom, and get to class.” 

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glamourgod whispered, "ANYTHING? You should know what I want. 8l"

Shhhh I am writing yours now.

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I’ll Never Get It Right || One 


"So, Katy really hesitated on putting you through, eh?" Liam’s voice rang out in the smothering darkness. I nod my head, as if he could cut through the night and see my response. But I knew he knew. He always knew. Liam was good like that. "It’s a real shame, mate. I think you got some real talent. Could even win this thing." I could tell his words were being pushed out. It wasn’t true. Not at all. We both knew I would be lucky to make it to the next cut.

"Yeah. You too." I swallowed the ever growing lump in my throat. Every word, every letter, I said to Liam was one hundred percent genuine. I didn’t want to lie to him. Oh no. He was far too important for that. "I think your voice is brilliant." That came out as an almost whisper - I didn’t want Liam to hear. That would just scare him away. And he couldn’t leave. That would ruin me. 

"Huh?" Figures he would have heard. He knew everything. That just made him, Liam. I sat up in my bed, pushing my legs out from underneath the duvet. I couldn’t be around him right now. Being around Liam…knowing I couldn’t have him…was going to be the death of me. 

"Excuse me, mate. I’ve got to go to the toilet." I mumbled, padding across the stone floor. I could feel his eyes burning into my black silhouette. It was strangely reassuring. Did he really care, or was he just using me for some sort of support system throughout the duration of the show? Probably. Who would really care for me? I’m nothing; scum. Katy didn’t want me here. It was obvious. She didn’t hide it well. I was going to let her down. I was going to let everyone down. 

The bathroom door was soon right in front of me. It was a calming sight, it was the one place where I could be me. I could be Niall.

I fingered the rusty razor blade in my pocket of my gray sweatpants as tears gathered in my eyes. Was I really that bad? That repulsive? I slammed the door, causing the walls to shake. The door automatically locked behind me as I sank to the floor. 

"Not good enough to be on X Factor." Swipe. My ruby red blood stood out against my the pale color of the flesh on my legs. “Not good enough for Katy.” Swipe. Another line, parallel to the first. “Why’d you even try out?” I mumbled bitterly as the two parallel lines quickly became three. “You know you can’t win. This is a waste of your time.” Tears clouded my vision as the lines started to cover my thigh. “Not good enough for him.” My words came out choked and hurt, adding a final perpendicular line through the other. I pressed a few paper towels into the fresh cuts. No one could find out. No one could know. 

After the bleeding had stopped, I moved quickly back into my bed beside Liam who was sitting straight up, staring right at me. I bit down nervously on my bottom lip. Was he really worried?

"What the bloody hell? Are you okay? You were in there for thirty damn minutes!" Liam’s eyes dug into me, trying to get something, anything, out. It ripped me apart to see how much effort he was putting it to feigning care for me. I shuffled nervously into my bed, tucking my blankets tight around my slim build. "What’d you do? Fall in?" He asked lightly, a half chuckle filling the empty air. When I didn’t respond, he rolled out of his bed, crawling into mine to face me. "Niall?" Liam whispered, his face inches from mine.

My heart threatened to snap out of my rib cage. His soft brown eyes were flooding with concern. “W-what, Li-Liam?” He knew. Liam knew what I had just done. Tears sprang to my eyes which caused the blanket to raise up to my chin. “What?” I asked again, hiding the tremble in my voice. 

I could hear Liam inhale sharply, his hands brushing through my hair. “You know, Nialler, you’re my best friend.” He whispered. “Whatever’s going on…I hope you know you can tell me. I’m here for you, man…” 


Decided I’d post part one now because I already had it written and it isn’t as sad as I had originally thought. I apologize for how short it is. 

xoxo Tayo

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I really want to post the next part to I’ll Never Get It Right 

but it’s actually really depressing. And with just posting that oneshot, i think that’s too much sad. 

I need to write something happy. So send me prompts so make up for these sad things I’m writing! Anything you want, although my favorite pairing is Niam. ;) 

xoxo Tayo.

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Caraphernelia || Niall Horan + Liam Payne  

First one shot I’ve written in a long time. THIS IS TRIGGERING. Contains: cutting, overdose, death, a bit of mild fluff. I apologize for ending it so swiftly. This was incredibly difficult for me to write. Inspired by the song Caraphernelia by Pierce The Veil. -xoxo Tayo.

It was nothing new for Niall. The tear streaked cheeks, the red droplets running down his hips, his white teeth digging into his lower lip as he attempt to suppress his wails. It was just the same stuff, different day. Another day of being broken down, another day of not feeling good enough. One day, and his 16 day streak was ruined. He had relapsed. That just caused two more lines to appear on his hips. He felt nothing. Everything was slowly draining from his body with his thinning blood. His eyelids were drooping closed, embracing him in darkness.

"Niall?" The stressed voice of a familiar male could be heard faintly. "Niall, please. Oh god. Please wake up. I need you to wake up." Niall could pick it out now. Liam. Liam Payne. His best friend. A soft groan drifted off Niall’s colorless lips. "Can you hear me?"

"Li?" The sound barely slipped out of his mouth before he felt pain surging out of his whole body. He had fucked up last night. Honestly, he shouldn’t be alive right now. Not with the handful of pills he swallowed and the amounts of blood he lost.

"Shhh. Just relax, okay?" Niall could hear the sadness in his friend’s voice. "Please, Nialler. I need you to get out of this." The way Liam spoke those words…they didn’t sound too reassuring. "Don’t say anything." Niall knew there were tears running down Liam’s face, even if he couldn’t see it. Liam’s fingers were combing through Niall’s soft blonde hair when he realized he was still on the bathroom floor. The pool of ruby liquid around them was soaking through, dying their skin pale pink.

"Liam?" Niall broke through the pain. "I’m going to die, aren’t I?" He whispered, reaching up for the brunette’s hand. He heard Liam’s sharp inhale, the tears now flooding down His cheeks. His watered down blue eyes looked sadly up at his best friend, who was shaking his head slowly. It wasn’t the least bit reassuring to Niall. Seeing Liam like this…seeing him so hurt made him realize that this was the biggest mistake of his life. He didn’t want to die. But he gave Liam a small smile. "Liam, it’s okay. I have to go." He whispered, giving the other male’s hand a soft squeeze. "It’s okay. I promise. It’s better for me up there. You’ll be okay." 

Liam shook his head again. “Niall…no…you can’t. I love you too much to let you go.” He whispered. “Please don’t say that…”

A few solo tears rolled down the Irishman’s cheeks. “And I love you. But you have to let me go.” Liam leaned down, pressing his lips to Niall’s baby pink ones. “Don’t do what I did, Liam. Please. It isn’t worth it…” 

Niall’s breathing slowed, dropping off. Liam choked out a sob as he held the blonde’s lifeless body to him. If only he had gotten here earlier…maybe things could have been different. He could have lived. Liam could have fixed him. They could have been happy together.

"My heart is beating for you anyway." Liam whispered, brushing his lips over Niall’s one last time. 

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Leave me some One Direction writing prompts (slash or not)for minifics for me to work on after I get done with this Harry/Louis one shot.


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Minific #1 


The beating in my chest stopped for a millisecond. Had I just heard her correctly? I couldn’t stay here. I needed to go; I needed to be with her. She needed me more than the boys did right now. I mumbled a lame excuse for my quick exit to Harry, not completely sure he had heard me. But that was the last thing on my mind. 

The ten second phone call replayed over and over in my head as I frantically rushed home. 

“Yeah, babe?”
“It’s time.”

And after those two words, everything around me seemed to stop. The only thing that mattered was my wife, and that little baby that was now on her way. I swallowed the ever growing lump in my throat as I blinked away the tears that threatened to push out of my eyes. My baby girl was coming. After nine long months, my baby girl was coming. 

As I pulled up to the apartment complex where we lived, I shifted the car into park. My body slammed into the double doors, I was certain a bruise was going to cover the entire left side of my body, and I sprinted up the stairs, shakily unlocking the door to our flat when I reached our floor.

“Where the bloody hell have you been?” Her words came out pained, and her face was blood red. I chuckled at her words before offering her my arm. As she took it, my fingers found the bag that we had packed months in advance for this day. “Louis, this isn’t funny!” 

Her words caused me to chuckle more. I don’t know why I found this so humorous. Chances were, I’d pay for this later. She huffed, letting me lead her down to the car. 

“I hate you for doing this to me.” She hissed, through clenched jaws, after I helped her into the passenger seat of the car. I shook my head in disbelief, a sly grin playing on my features. The drive to the hospital was somewhat silent, except for the mantra of “I hate you” being whispered from my wife’s perfect lips. 

“Well, darling, now that we’re here, would you like me to help you out, or are would you rather sit there, saying how much you hate me?” I asked with a quiet laugh, raising my eyebrows in her direction. She just grimaced, doing her best to stifle a giggle. “Well, now that that’s settled, let’s go meet that little angel of ours, shall we?”

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I’ll Never Get It Right || Intro 

I think the first thing that drew me to him were those chocolately brown eyes. Those same chocolate brown eyes that sparkled, that twinkled, in the sun. But that just isn’t it. That sandy brown hair, that caramel brown skin. His snow white teeth and his dashingly beautiful smile. That same smile that turned my heart to mush, that smile that made me go weak at the knees.

It all started at boot camp. His bed right across from mine. Spending our long days together, training and spending our endless nights together, talking about everything and nothing, seemingly at the same time. He could put a smile on my face, a real smile, and keep it there. Something no one else has managed to do.

He has this way of making me feel wanted, special almost. The way he devotes his time and attention to make sure that I was okay. But I’m not okay. I’m miserable. Why, you ask? I’m in love with him. I’m in love with my best friend - Liam Payne. British heartthrob and member of the band, One Direction. 

Who am I? That’s your second question. That doesn’t matter. I don’t matter. I’m nothing. I’m no one special. But if you must know, I’m Niall. Niall Horan to be exact. Irish born member of One Direction, and the king of Nandos. But that doesn’t matter. I don’t matter. It’d be better if I wasn’t in One Direction. Hell, maybe the boys would have won. But I can’t leave. Oh no. I have to stay. He keeps me here. He keeps me going. He means everything to me. Liam Payne - my straight best friend - is my light.

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Hey, hi, and hello! My name is Tayo, and here is where I'm going to post my fanfiction, one shots, and minifics. Feel free to request anything you'd like, and I'll do my best to write it for you. I do write a lot of One Direction slash. From time to time, something different will come along. xx.
 sending a prompt.